Nemesis Glaucus (500g)

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L-Glutamine in its purest form protects your muscles, creating a faster recovery and a better immune system! Glutamine has a key role by digesting Protein and helps the body to detox!

Legends speak of men who never sleep. Never rest. But those are just legends.

In the real world, recovery is critical if we are to grow stronger. Especially people like you and me, who go in there and give it our all, day in and day out.

Sometimes we forget that in the gym we are tearing our muscle fibers to shreds. We forget that we are damaging our physique in order to build it back up. And we forget that just sleeping like a baby and drinking our protein shake is not going to cut it.

Glutamine is one of the 20 amino acids encoded by our genetic code, and it is critical for muscle growth. If you’re serious about recovery then make sure to add this baby to your arsenal. Throw in a teaspoon before your workout and mix it up with a teaspoon of Glaucus after the workout for increased recovery – and oh, it strengthens your immune system and increases muscle cell volume as well, just an added bonus

Directions For Use:Ingredients:
L-Glutamine 500gr

Mix 1 level scoop (5g) of powder with 115ml cold water of juice and drink immediately.


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