Coconut Merchant Toasted Coconut Chips (500g)

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Product Description

  • The slivers can be added to your cooking, baking, muesli and cereals, or just eaten on their own as a great, healthy snack! Since these are raw and plain, you can even have a go at toasting your own!
    Unlike other coconut chips, our chips are prepared from the pure white meat of coconuts grown in Sri Lanka
  • Providing you with an easy way to access the benefits of coconuts, our coconut chips are available in two varieties, Toasted and Plain
  • The raw meat is shredded and dehydrated at low temperatures to prevent the diminishment of the natural goodness of our coconuts.QUALITIES:
    100% Coconut – the way it should be!
    Dairy Free
    Gluten Free
    No Preservatives
    0% Cholesterol
    Incredibly Versatile


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