Nanox Coffee Perfect

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Product Description

OFFEE-PERFECT® is a 21st century tasty instant coffee, engineered to combine the beneficial effect of your normal coffee break with your weight control. In combination with a fully balanced calorie controlled diet and exercise, the effect of your COFFEE-PERFECT® break will be fully optimized.


COFFEE-PERFECT® contains as active ingredients Guarana extract with 22% vegetable caffeine, widely known for its  thermogenic activity, and a soluble fibre based on fructo-oligo-saccharides, Actilight®.


Actilight® allows to improve the nutritional and health profile of COFFEE-PERFECT by:

  • replacing sugars, reducing caloric value, lowering glycemic index
  • adding fibres
  • contributing to rebalance the intestinal micro-flora and improve digestive comfort.

Actilight® is backed up by more than 70 scientific studies.  So, each cup of COFFEE-PERFECT has the property:


  • to let you enjoy slimming the time of a coffee break
  • to stimulate fat burning in an efficient way
  • to stimulate the body to expend more calories
  • to boost your energy
  • to improve your digestive comfort


The coffee blend used for COFFEE-PERFECT® contains one of the finest Italian blends of instant coffee and so perfectly can replace your normal daily cup of coffee.


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