Nanox L-Carnitine 4000mg Shots!

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Nanox L-Carnitine shot combines at least three useful substances with slimming power.

First of all this shot contains not less than 4.000 mg of L-Carnitine.

Carnitine is responsible for the transport for fatty acids out of the cytoplasm to the mitochondria where they are burned into energy during the breakdown of fats.

In the same time carnitine also exerts a substantial antioxidant action providing a protective effect against lipd peroxidation and against oxidative stress at endothelial level. This effect even is strengthened in L-Carnitine shot due to the presence of Acetyl – L – Carnitine, one of the active metabolites of L-carnitine.

Thanks to these effects, L-Carnitine has proven its efficiency in clinical trials showing that oral carnitine reduces fat mass, increases muscle mass, and reduces fatigue. All of these effects may contribute to weight loss.


Besides L-Carnitine, the shot also contain choline and Inositol as weight reducing ingredients.

Choline also plays a role in the lipid metabolism supporting the activity of L-Carnitine.

Inositol plays a very important role in the human body and takes care that the fatty acids remain in solution in the blood and do not stick to the epitelial wall, provoking atherosclerosis. It also regulates the transition of fats and cholesterol in the body.

Choline and Inositol taken together are capable of lowering the cholesterol in the body.

In this respect the combination L-Carnitine, Choline and Inositol is a very powerfull complex regulating fat metabolism and turning fat into energy.



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