Olimp Dextrex Juice (1000g)

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After a long day of pumping iron at the gym, your hardworking muscles have done their job of enduring relentless punishment. Without proper supplementation, your hard work and dedication all goes to waste as your muscles get broken down and used up by the body. Olimp Dextrex Juice provides your muscles with fast-acting nutrients that place the body in an anabolic state for faster muscle regeneration, repair and development after working out.

Olimp Dextrex Juice is a flavorful powdered carbohydrate drink which is specially formulated using a dynamic blend of carbohydrates (dextrose), taurine and magnesium. The dextrose blend allows for the quick transport of nutrients from the bloodstream, replenishing your glycogen reserves depleted during the workout. Together with protein, your muscles can start rebuilding and repairing right away!

Dextrex Juice helps increase your body’s insulin levels, paving the way for efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your muscle cells. Compared to other carbohydrate supplements, Dextrex Juice works better by containing a dynamic combination of taurine and magnesium that helps support protein synthesis.

  • Recover – Take Dextrex Juice by itself to quickly replenish glycogen and energy
  • Build muscle – Add protein to Dextrex Juice for spectacular results in building lean muscle mass
  • Be stronger – Add creatine to Dextrex for maximum creatine transport and absorption

Taken alone for energy and glycogen replenishment or together with protein for muscle building, Olimp Dextrex Juice is perfect for post-workout nutrition. Give your hardworking muscles the superior nutrition they deserve with Olimp Dextrex Juice!

Dextrose (93 %), taurine (5 %), Aromas, acidity regulator – malic acid, colour E 110

Recommended Use:

As creatine transporter: Dissolve 1 portion (ca. 40 g) in a glass of water. Prepared beverage can be used to dissolve a fixed portion of creatine (3-10 g). Best used when after training in ca.20-60 g of powder per portion.


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