NC Laboratories PX9 Hornet (225g)

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Product Description

Introducing PX9 Hornet, a brutal formulation that will put that extra sting into your workouts.

PX9 Hornet brings back the old school pre workout affects with a totally revamped formula unlike any other. Insane pumps, massively increased strength, more focus are just a few of the benefits of PX9. Experience the sting of the Hornet and unleash your venom in the gym.

  • Insane Pumps
  • Increased Vascularity
  • Extreme energy levels with no crash or jitters
  • Ridiculous strength and focus
  • Super concentrated for more power



PX9 Hornet G-Force Matrix 3500mg

Beta Alanin, Creatine HCL, L-Citruline, Amentopump, Agmapure (Green Agmatine Sulphate), Caffeine Anhydrous, Hordenine (N,N-Dimethyltyramine), Capsicum extract).

Other Ingredients

Aromas Acidifier, Citric acid, Malic acid, Acelsulfame-K, Sucralose, MCC(Natural Micro Crystalline Cellulose), Colour: Riboflavin.


Recommended Use:

45 Servings per container.

Take one scoop with water 30-45 minutes before workout to assess tolerances. If stronger effects are needed up this to two scoops.


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