Everything you need to know about Creatine

A lot of people are still uncertain about such supplement as creatine. We are not surprised, the internet is full of misleading information, brands are releasing new and improved types of creatine every month…So which one should you buy? It gets really confusing, so keep reading to find out which creatine is the best and why.

Right now, you can find a lot of types of creatine on the market – kre-alkalyn, pH-X etc. just plenty of them. However, there is one that always stays – Creatine Monohydrate. It is the most known form of creatine and at the same time the cheapest and the best one. We offer creatine monohydrate from brands like Olimp Sport Nutrition, Sinob or Inkospor.

This type of creatine is recommended to athletes or sports people, who does sports like box, hockey, football, for sprinters, as well as to bodybuilders and powerlifters. Using creatine increases your strength, explosiveness, and endurance of muscles. That is why it is rather beneficial for the sports mentioned above. Contrary to that, using creatine for sports like running on triathlon are not necessarily the best, some studies say it might be the opposite.

How does it work?

Due to muscle contraction, the mechanical energy is generated in the cells – ATP is broken down to ADP + P (diphosphate). ATP is used by muscles very fast, but only in limited amounts. Usually only for a few seconds while high-intensity processes are going on. When ATP is gone, the process stops. Unfortunately, our body has various ways how to convert ADP back to ATP. So, from the first few seconds of the “work”, we allow the body to do way more seconds (ATP + creatine). This ATP + creatine system makes the fastest part for the anaerobic system, used by athletes when doing high-intensity activity. That might sound a bit complicated, let’s make it simpler.

Creatine increases the amount of ATP to the muscle cell, which makes it basically “alive” and the ability to work better. It is necessary to understand ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) a little bit. ATP can be considered as an instant used energy for muscle activity. It is a compound, which is used in muscle contractions. Meaning, every single bicep curl or squat, ATP is being “burnt”. When increasing creatine, it basically boosts your body. It will work better, you will be able to train more intense and your recovery will also be better.

Every single person consumes creatine. For example, a kg of beef meat contains 4,5g of creatine. But what is it, that creatine? It is an organic acid, which every human body has. In a healthy adult male, there is about 100-140g of creatine, which is stored mainly in skeletal muscles. It serves for supplying the muscles with energy.

eat your creatine

What is the recommended amount to be taken?

5 grams a day, it is that simple. 5g is enough for the use of the full potential of creatine to increase strength. The easiest way is to just to mix the 5g of creatine with water and drink it every single day. The timing is irrelevant. On your training days, you can have creatine before or after your workout and on rest days it really does not matter. Creatine does not work on a short-term effect. If you think, you’ll drink it before a workout and then lift 10kg heavier on deadlift, then…just don’t. It works on a long-term effect, so it does not matter when. The consistency is what is the key here.

Myths about this miracle supplement

  • Creatine is a steroid. That is the top lie of them all, creatine has nothing to do with steroids.
  • Creatine will make me bloated. Another myth often associated with creatine. The only reason for that is that using creatine makes muscles hold onto water more. It’s because creatine is stored in the muscles and therefore needs more water. In other words, yes creatine makes you hold more water but that is only in the cells and not a lot, it doesn’t cause retention of water in your body.

Overall, creatine is a great supplement to be used and proven to work. Some people say it doesn’t work on them, but often it’s because they are not taking it consistently. Of course, there is a small percentage of people that are not affected by creatine, but it works for most of us. We have creatine supplement from the best European brands, even German, where the purest creatine is being produced.


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