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What are nootropics? New bodybuilding supplements?

We all have days when we’re lazy and drained both physically and mentally. Those are the days when we find the hardest to train, and we often don’t go at all. You might even feel that you would physically handle a great and hard gym session, but your mind just isn’t in it. That’s when nootropics come in! What, new bodybuilding supplements?

What is the bodybuilding supplement?

Nootropics are so called “smart drugs”, substances which enhance your brain function, your mental alertness and supercharge your body mentally. Which is exactly what we want on these types of days, right? And if you are serious about fitness and bodybuilding, then you know physical health goes hand in hand with mental health when wanting to achieve your fitness goals. Because you might have the greatest body and still feel like something is off. Plus, when exercising you need your mind to be at the right place to push yourself beyond limits and make progress. You cannot stick to 10kg dumbbells on biceps curls for 3 months and expect your bicep to grow massively. Your body will get used to them. That’s why your mind needs to step in and push you to lift more to build muscle.

Like any other sport, bodybuilding requires a body/muscle-mind connection. A lot of it. Like mentioned earlier, you need to push yourself to maximise your progress. You need to focus in the gym to do for example as many reps or sets as you possibly can (depending on the training programme). We often go to the gym to unwind, not to think about our job, relationships etc. But sometimes it is hard to shut it down if it is really worrying us. You feel unfocused and your mind is all over the place. These thoughts may disappear for the set you’re doing, but once you’re done it comes back to you. It’s a constant mind battle that bodybuilders need to win consistently.

When your mind is giving up

You’re in the gym at the squat rack. You’ve scheduled for yourself 5 sets 10 reps of squats. You’re on the 3rd set and you just feel really out of it. You know you can do all 5 sets physically, but your mind is starting to give up and feel lazy. Instead of completing the sets, you just end up doing 3 and something and moving to the next exercise, because missing 1 set never hurt anybody right. While it probably won’t affect your muscle growth or fat loss massively, it affects your mind. Then you reflect, and you feel disappointed with yourself and you feel like a quitter because you haven’t finished the exercise properly even though you knew you could. We get it. We are all human and it happens to all of us.

How to prevent from “quitting” the set?

Nootropics will also help you with motivation. The nootropic supplement that we offer: Student Mind Brain Booster, is designed to help mainly students, but it is suitable for anybody who wishes to increase their mental alertness and to be more focused. If taken how it is recommended, long-term, the results will be you feeling more motivated. You will have more energy and feel more awake in general. So, when you’re in the high rep set, you will feel motivated to finish it!

bodybuilding supplements

Being concentrated in the gym…

Another issue with bodybuilders in the gym is concentration. We often go all motivated and pumped for a great workout, but once we’re there we get distracted so easily. Scrolling on our phone, talking to other people, watching other people or just our thoughts have slipped to somewhere else. No, you need to keep focus and concentration in the gym and your workouts will get so much better! If you concentrate on the mind-muscle connection, you will feel the muscle more and stretching it to increase the burn. Whereas if you’re for example doing triceps extension on a cable with a rope and you’re thinking what will you watch tonight on Netflix, you won’t pay attention to that stretching part at all and you’ll just mindlessly doing some form of exercise. That’s not what you want.

To recap, nootropics are a great dietary supplement for bodybuilders even though it’s not a very well-known fact. When talking about supplements, every bodybuilder instantly thinks of pre-workouts, mass gainers and protein powders. While those are great helpers too, they only help with your physical side. Student Mind Brain Booster will help you with both, physical and mental. Start doing bodybuilding both with your body and your mind to achieve the best results.

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