CBD 1% CannVape


Aromatic liquid add-on – tested & certified – natural hemp terpenes.

– 100mg CBD
– Liquid for e-cigarettes
– no THC
– no nicotine


What is CBD 1% CannVape?

CBD 1% CannVape Aromatic Liquid add on for burn incense mixed with 100 % natural CBD (Cannabidiol). CannVape is produced from non GMO hemp, grown under controlled conditions in Europe, without pesticides and unaffected by heavy metals. Cannexol contains Cannabidiol (CBD), furthermore propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and hemp terpenes. Due to controlled processing of the hemp after harvesting there are no contaminations from fungi, bacteria and other microbes. The plant material has best quality.

CO2 as a solvent achieves high quality and is the cleanest extraction method for CBD available.

All our products undergo strict quality control and testing.

Our products are tested & certified by ARGE CANNA.

  • No THC contained.
  • Food Safe production.

Recommended use:

Shake before use.


Store cool and dark.

Keep away from children.

Not for consumption, according to AGES.


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