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CBD Softgels Cannexol Cannhelp


  • the highest quality CBD capsules
  • imported from Austria
  • GMP certified
  • THC Free
  • tasteless, easy to dose and digest
  • 100% natural product


CBD Softgels Cannexol 25mg (5%) capsules, 30 pcs.

CBD Cannexol Softgels 25mg CBD from Cannhelp are easy to dose gel capsules. They are ideal for travelers, because our softgels are super easy to dose. The ease of dosing is also preferred by our older customers. The softgels are easy to digest and tasteless, which is perceived as very pleasant.

In addition to hemp extract, the capsules also contain high-quality MCT oil. This product is THC-free and GMP certified. Not suitable for vegetarians and diabetics. At the maximum dose of two capsules per day, fifteen daily servings are included, yielding 30 capsules per tub.

Bottling & packaging in Austria. Cannexol Softgels 25mg CBD are certified with the independent seal of quality of ARGE-CANNA. ARGE-CANNA is the first independent seal of approval for CBD products.

This is the highest certificated product on the CBD market. It is in the pharmacies in Germany and Austria. Cannhelp is recommended as one of the best companies in Europe under the Arge-Canna list. The extraction process is a supercritical CO2, which is very important.  It needs to be done very gently so it does not harm the beneficial part of the CBD.


Max. 2 x 1 gel capsule per day. We recommend starting with a lower dose to test the effect. After that, the dose can be increased. The specified maximum dose must not be exceeded.


Our products are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions in the EU. Every batch of Cannexol Softgels 25mg CBD capsules is tested for contamination and residue because of the high quality of our products.

Our products are 100% natural and therefore subject to little variation in ingredients, taste and colour.

Quality features:

Cannexol Softgels 25mg CBD capsules are completely THC-free. The product is also GMP certified. Cannexol Softgels 25mg CBD capsules bear the seal of approval of the ARGE-CANNA. ARGE-CANNA is the first independent quality seal for CBD products. In addition, we subject every batch of product to internal and external quality tests. Our Cannexol CBD Softgels are gluten free, lactose free and non-GMO. Not suitable for vegetarians and diabetics.


Cool and dark, tightly closed and out of reach of children.

Characteristic ingredients per daily serving (2 softgels)

Hemp extract 70 mg, of which cannabidiol 50 mg
Further ingredients:
Polysorbate 80, polysorbate 20, MCT oil, glycerin, hemp extract, beta caryophyllene, gelatin, water

Content 19 g, 30Stk
Number of daily portions 15
THC-free 0%
Without alcohol

Important additional information:

Since Cannexol Softgels 25mg CBD capsules are a dietary supplement, no statements can be made regarding the medical effect of specific diseases. This product is not a medicinal product. Dietary supplements are also no substitute for a balanced and varied diet. We recommend the intake according to our dosing recommendations and after consultation with your doctor or pharmacist.



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