PS Nutrition Cardarine


  • Dramatic fat loss with visible vascularity improvements
  • Sensational effect on endurance levels
  • Non-hormonal
  • Extensively research shows both health and athletic benefits
  • Reduced perception of exertion allows for longer and better workouts
  • Versatile – can be stacked with just about anything to improve your results

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PS Nutrition Cardarine 100caps

PS Nutrition is coming with their Cardarine. It contains 100 capsules and each capsule contain 10mg of GW501516.

Key Benefits

  • Improved Stamina endurance
  • More Energy
  • Increased Intensity
  • Rapid Fat Loss

Nutrition Information

per serving/ 1 capsule

GW501516- 10mg

Suggested use:

1-2 capsules daily in the morning for at least 8 weeks.

Interesting fact

Cardarine was first researched for this indication. PPAR-delta activates a number of genes involved in burning fat and increasing energy use [1].

Recently, several human studies shed new light on its fat-burning benefits.

In one extremely small study of 13 men with high belly fat and a bad cholesterol profile, those who received 2.5 mg of cardarine a day for 6 weeks had decreased triglycerides, fatty acids, and VLDL proteins (apoB fractions) [2].

Cardarine was associated with increased HDL cholesterol in 2 studies of 305 patients with low HDL. Patients who received cardarine also had reduced LDL, triglycerides, and apoB [3].

In another small study of 12 inactive volunteers, Cardarine increased HDL. Those who received carnitine burned more fats as an energy source and had increased activity of fat-burning and carnitine genes (ABCA1 and CPT1) [4].


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Cardarine GW501516


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