Rad 140 stack for cutting (Get competition shredded) + YK11/SR9009


  • research+ athletes driven
  • hardcore stack, not for beginners
  • get competition ready
  • 8 weeks recommended
  • 10mg RAD140, 10mg YK11, 10mg SR9009
  • PCT necessary!

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Rad 140 stack for cutting ( Get competition shredded) + YK11/SR9009

Rad 140 stack for cutting was created by athletes and our research. We took into consideration all accessible information about the compounds and experience of athletes to see what works the best. We have concluded that the best stack for cutting to get competition ready is RAD140, YK11 and SR9009. This stack includes:

1x TWP RAD140 (60 capsules)
1x Nordic Labs YK11 (60 capsules)
1x Unbeatable SR9009 (60 capsules)

This will last you for 4 weeks (SR9009 is higher dosage and lasts about 15 days). We recommend you to do it for at least 8 weeks with a nutrition programme in place. This will also depend on your prep for competition or photo shoot. It is hardcore stack and not recommended for beginners. You will need a PCT with this stack!

How does it work and why these products?

RAD140 will increase your testosterone which can be lower when you are dieting hard. This will prevent muscle wasting and you will be able to build some lean mass while cutting. There is YK11 to help you get that full muscular look. Lastly, there is SR9009 that will increase your stamina and reduce fat on stubborn places of your body. Due to your body’s increased endurance and metabolism, you will start losing fat much easier. You’ll be able to increase the intensity of your workouts which will result in more calories burned. The changes can be noticed in several days, YK 11 kicks in first and after 1-2 weeks it is RAD that starts working. Therefore, 8 weeks cycle would be appropriate.


Always follow what is on the label and do not exceed the dosage. For more information, do not worry to contact us.

Nutrition Information

Nordic Labs YK-11

  • YK-11 5mg per cap
  • Epicatechin 50mg per cap


Nutrition Facts Per Cap
RAD-140 10mg

Unbeatable SR9009

Nutrition Facts Per Cap
SR9009 10mg


Additional information

Choose cycle

4-weeks cycle, 8- weeks cycle, 12- weeks cycle

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RAD 140, Stenabolic SR9009, YK-11


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