With these TWP LFT-SHT simply ball-busting hard work, day in, day out, not compromising or making excuses… we invite you to… JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

  • mental focus
  • energy
  • helps with fat burning

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The Warrior Project Lft-Sht Pre-workout

The Warrior Project LFT-SHT is a supremely powerful high stim pre-workout supplement designed for anyone that wants that feeling of pure energy, focus and sheer raw power that hasn’t been seen on the pre-workout scene for a long time.

Key Benefits

  • Energy – almost instantly after drinking LFT SHT; you feel like you can lift anything for around 1-2 hours with no noticeable crash afterwards as there is sufficient amount of caffeine.
  • Mental Focus – Once you get started training with LFT SHT you won’t stop until you’re done and fully exhausted, LFT SHT keeps you focused on training and nothing else. It contains the dosage of nootropics.
  • Helps Weight Loss – The Amp HCL included in LFT SHT is a potent fat loss supplement in itself and with the boost you get in general for your workout, you will burn more calories than ever before
  • Easy Mix & Great Taste – Unlike many pre workouts which taste thick and heavy LFT SHT mixes light and doesn’t leave any taste behind

Designed for those who require a massive surge in Strength, Power and Energy to improve their performance each and every time they enter the gym!

To really wake you up we’ve added a huge dose of 300mg caffeine as well as including Amp to provide stimulation to your central nervous system, increasing the power output of your muscles. Amp is also a fat burner as to provide a higher degree of metabolic activity, increasing the amount of calories burned.

We’ve not stopped there…… 100mg of schisandra has been added acting as a nootropic providing mental clarity. It’s also an Anti-catabolic compound ensuring you retain as much of that hard earned muscle tissue as possible.

Recommended use: 

Add 10g of The Warrior Project LFT-SHT (2 level scoops) to 200ml of water and shake well.

Calories 16
Fat 0g
– of which saturates 0g
Carbohydrates 0g
– of which sugars 0g
– starch 0g
Fibre 0g
Protein (Dry Basis) 0g
Salt 0g
Taurine 2g
Beta-Alanine 2g
Tyrosine 1g
Caffeine 0.30g
Amp Citrate 0.20g
Schisandra 0.10g
Niacin 0.025g


Maltodextrin, Taurine, Beta-Alanine, Tyrosine, Caffeine, AMP Citrate, Schiasandra, Niacin, Flavouring, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Colouring, Sweetner (Sucralose)


The Warrior Project

The Warrior Project is the brain child of Actor, Fitness celebrity, Model and professional MMA fighter, Dan “Warrior” Singh. It was created to cater for the needs of those who simply want to achieve their absolute best, both in the gym and every day life.  No incredible genetics but simply ball busting hard work, day in, day out, not compromising or making excuses… we invite you to… JOIN THE MOVEMENT.


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Additional information


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