TWP Vari V2 (20 servings)


The Warrior Project Varicose

  • Varicose – Non-Stimulant Pump Maximiser. Pumps for up to 8 hours.
  • Caffeine FREE
  • Strong Pre-Workout
  • 7g L-Citrulline
  • Pump & Focus

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The Warrior Project Varicose

TWP Vari v2 is the non stimulant partner to the best selling high stim Warrior Project LFT SHT – Varicose has been designed to maximise your blood flow while you train, which delivers vital nutrients to the muscles. It also has key volumising ingredients so that you feel fuller than EVER before while training while giving you a potent mental focus boost too.

Key Benefits:

  • 7g L-Citrulline
  • Pump & Focus

Taken all together you can expect crazy vascularity and pump, with a laser like focus in the gym. If you’re feeling hardcore and stack it with LFT SHT you will truly have the ultimate pre workout experience and can dominate the workout like never before!

A formula that has every intention of being the most comprehensive, highly dosed vaso pump product on the market, where no compromise has been made on quality and every effort concerted, to ensure we deliver the most ridiculous pumps during your workout.
Add to that a combination of nootropic agents and an unparalleled flavouring system, to keep that mind muscle connection on point and those tastebuds wanting more.
Of course Vari V2 can be used as a phenomenal standalone for those who don’t have the need for stims or those perhaps training late, however combine with LFT V2 and take your workouts to the next level!
(Vari V2 carries incredibly high dosages, many of the ingredients are hydroscopic. As such, in some instances, a waxy condition and clumping of the powder can occur. This bears no detriment on the quality of the product and will disperse and mix easily once added to water)

Pumped and strong!

If you’re looking for a product that delivers the best pumps you will experience amazing workouts that you don’t want to end and a pump that lasts for hours after training then Varicose is the most comprehensive vaso-dialator formulae to date designed to give you vein bursting pumps and laser guided focus.

It contains clinical doses of L-citrulline, Agmatine and Taurine alongside huge doses of glycerol and l-arginine for optimum cell volumisation.

Contains 2g of betaine (trimethal glycine)  to promote increases in strength and power.

Contains choline bitartrate ( 1.5g) to get you mentally prepared and ready for the workout ahead.

Recommended use: 

Add 29g of VARICOSE to 300-500ml of water and shake well.

TWP Nutrition

TWP is the brain child of Actor, Fitness celebrity, Model and professional MMA fighter, Dan “Warrior” Singh. It was created to cater for the needs of those who simply want to achieve their absolute best, both in the gym and every day life.  No incredible genetics but simply ball busting hard work, day in, day out, not compromising or making excuses… we invite you to… JOIN THE MOVEMENT. 

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