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TIME 4 Waterloss (120caps) + 25% EXTRA FOR FREE


  • High Strength Formula
  • Rapid Water Loss
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • 120 Capsules. (25% Extra Free – Contains 150 Capsules)
  • 24 Servings. (25% Extra Free – Contains 30 Servings)


Time 4 Water Loss is a high strength natural diuretic formula designed to help your body eliminate excess water, reduce bloating and enhance muscle definition. The combination of ingredients work synergistically to shed water beneath the skin whilst preventing cramping.

Recommended use: Do not use for more than 3 consecutive days. Take 5 capsules per day in the morning with breakfast.

Nutrition facts:

Nutritional InformationPer CapsulePer 5 Capsules
Horse Tail100mg500mg
Juniper Berry80mg400mg
Green Tea Extract60mg300mg
Magnesium Citrate16mg80mg

Ingredients: Dandelion, Horse Tail, Juniper Berry, Parsley, Green Tea Extract, Hawthorn, Magnesium Citrate, Gelatine (Capsule)


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