quick guide to the sarms

A quick guide to the SARMs. Which one is the best for me?

There are so many SARMs and sometimes it seems confusing. How can you choose the SARM that fits your goals? This guide provides a quick knowledge about every SARM that we have and also it gives you an idea on how to stack SARMs.

quick guide to the sarms

What types of SARMs do we offer?

Nutrition Firs is only selling the best quality products and it is hard to really find the brands that are honest with their labels and ingredients. As we have been on the market for more than 20 years, we consider our business honest and valuable to our customers. Therefore, we currently supply SARMS and growth hormone secretagogue from TWP Nutrition, VST research, Meta black, DNA sports and Unbeatable. VST is popular with its MK677, Metablack- Cardarine, MK677, TWP Nutrition- RAD140, MK677 and more, DNA sports- HADES stack and Unbeatable- MK677 megadose, RAD140, Ligandrol.


So, these are the brands that we know they manufacture the best products in the UK’s market.

Which SARM is for me?

Now, we will quickly go through each type of SARM, so you can clearly see what is good for what.

  • Ostarine– the most researched, mild with its power, flexible use, mainly for lean mass and fat loss, good for females too.
  • Cardarine– enhances the endurance, very good fat burner, especially good for cross-fitters and endurance athletes
  • RAD140– increases testosterone/libido/strength, the strongest sarm, very potent, good for bulking or while dieting but it does not burn fat!
  • SR9009– decreases inflammation/blood cholesterol, increases endurance, great for fat loss- hard look
  • Ligandrol– almost as strong as RAD140 but selects different androgen receptors, great for bulking, strength and overall building muscle
  • YK-11- building muscle, bone health, select again different androgen receptors compare to RAD and LGD
  • MK677– it is not a sarm but it is sold with the sarms, very flexible used on a diet or bulking, increases your growth hormone

This should give you a rough idea of every SARM, now you should be able to determine what SARM is for you. What if you want to get something more powerful and stack your favourite SARM with the other SARM? what are the best combinations? Simply choose your goal and check the stack!

sarm stack

What stack should I use?

Fat burning:

SR9009/Cardarine– ultimate fat burner (dry hard look)

Ostarine/Cardarine– building more muscle and losing fat- for an aesthetic lean physique

with any of these, MK677 can be used. Remember, it increases the hunger hormone, so you will have to eat more while still losing fat (if it is not excessive amount)


SR9009/cardarine again

Lean muscle/bulking:

Ostarine/Ligandrol for intermediate lifters

RAD140/ Ostarine for intermediate lifters

Ostarine/MK677 for beginners

RAD140/LGD– a hardcore bulking formula

RAD140/LGD/MK677- for bodybuilders

YK11/RAD140– body recomposition

RAD140/MK677– a bulking formula

There can be more and more combinations but every stack depends on individual goals and also what you as Individual prefer. Some people like more YK11 because it helps to increase bone density. Some people would rather go for RAD140 because it increases testosterone.

So, this was a quick guide to SARMs, hope you can determine the stack that will help you to achieve your goal. LET us know what you think!

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