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SSA Supplements Review (Hellfire and Ganic F Pump)

As you might already know, there is a new supplement company in the UK and we decided to do SSA Supplements Review, so you know what you can expect from a very popular South African company SSA Supplements in the UK. But first of all, we need to know more about SSA and their background.


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Who are SSA Supplements?

SSA Supplements is a South African based sports nutrition supplement company. From the outset the objective has been to supply high quality, cutting edge supplementation to the bodybuilding and sports industries at affordable prices. They have done rebranding recently, which makes the brand stand out. With the cooperation of local athletes, the brand was able to expand its offering and create a very strong position in the South African market. Almost every athlete knows the brand. If you have a look at their social media, they present the quality of their products, but what is more important they are giving credits to their customers. What makes it even better, they have every single supplement that you can imagine from protein, mass gainers, fat burners through pre-workouts to vitamins, glutamine, L -Arginine, testosterone boosters and sleep improvement products. They did not forget on women either, so they came up with Pink Series that are exclusive for women with its formulation and effects to help you reach your goals. They have 4 product series, so you can find the product range tailored for you! So, let’s introduce their product series.

1. Core series

Core series is the most versatile and flexible range in our wide array of supplements. This series of supplements has everything that any athlete or fitness fanatic would need to chase down and hit all their gym pursuits, whether it be making gains or shredding fat.  For those who are on the gains train, the anabolic mass gainers are a definite must-have in your arsenal, along with the Test Stack, Beta-Ecdysterone and Creatine.  Additionally, if you’re looking for those insane blood-swelling pumps, then Ganic-F is your go-to pre-workout of choice.
If you’re in pursuit of shreds, Thermo Incinerate will make sure that your fat-burning capabilities are exponentially increased while Beta-Alanine will make sure you have more than enough energy to keep you going. By adding our whey and glutamine to that equation, you won’t have a single fear of losing any muscle you may have gained.
With the Core Series, you will want for nothing and everything you need for any of your goals will be at your fingertips.
Core series from SSA Supplements is the most general product series. We at Nutrition First stock their Ganic- F Pump that we will talk about in this article as well. So, let’s have a look at another interesting product series called Elite.

2. Elite series

This series is for those who are looking to take their lifting goals to the extreme. The Elite Series has taken some of the products you know in the Core Series and has beefed them to the max. Advanced athletes getting ready for a shoot and or for a show will find that Methyl Cuts will provide a supreme amount of energy while simultaneously augmenting your fat-burning prowess to its highest levels.
You can expect to see amazing results when it comes to building muscle as well. Rhino will greatly boost your testosterone levels, allowing your hormones to be in peak condition for adding slabs of muscle. Along with our Whey Isolate, you can be assured that you’re getting the highest quality strain of protein that will make protein digestion and synthesis very easy for your body.

Your training will be ramped up as well with our notorious formulation in Hellfire, and for those who want extreme workouts without the stimulant buzz, Alpha Nitrox has been formulated to be just as powerful. The Elite Series is your step-up to a whole new level of lifting and performance.

In fact, Elite series is for advanced lifters that want to take it to another level. Nutrition First is stocking Hellfire, which is a hardcore pre-workout and we will review it in this article as well.

3. Energy series

A series of products developed for sportsmen and designed to take their performances up a notch or three. The Energy Series is designed to make sure you have the tools you need on the field of your speciality.

If you’re looking for an energy booster that will ensure you reduce the chances of cramps during long bouts of all-out performance, then Enduro-X is a must-have to add to your armoury. Additionally, our energy, strength and performance booster, Haemo-Surge, is sure to give you the edge when faced with grueling training sessions and difficult competitions.
For that extra push, Vo2 Max Boost will make sure you’re performing at your best without wasted energy, keeping you at optimal energy levels for prolonged periods of time.  As a sportsman of any kind, the SSA Energy Series will prove to be an invaluable part of your stack.
This series is targeting every sportsman in every category. Does not matter if you are cyclist, runner, swimmer or bodybuilder, these supplements will help you to increase the performance.

4. Pink series

An incredible series designed specifically for the needs of women.  SSA Angel Fire is a pre-workout formulated for delicacies of women while ensuring the energy boost and concentration you receive from it is immense. By adding either ThermoLean or ThermoBurn to the mix, you’ll find that your energy levels take a bump up while your fat-burning abilities go through the roof.  Our hormone-optimising products: Shape & Tone, Cellulean EstroX and Breast Support, are there to ensure you have every bit of assistance, making sure you’re looking and feeling great. This is especially in areas where you would most need it.
Furthermore, our Diet Whey is the perfect protein supplement to make sure you hit your daily protein goals or if you just require a nutritious and great tasting meal replacement.  So ladies, if you need a host of supplements designed just for you and your needs, the SSA Pink range is your first port of call.

5. Wellness series

Our Wellness series would be the equivalent of embellishments that comprise of both necessary additions to any stack as well as supplements that would provide an edge in ensuring your health and well-being while on the ‘road’ to fit.’  Vital components to the Wellness series would include Ultra-Cissus Q and Omega 3s, for the ultimate in joint support and protection. Liver Support will ensure that your liver health is promoted consistently, making your body’s essential processes easier and a lot less toxic. Additionally, Super Vit will ensure that you are getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for your body to perform at optimal and peak condition.

Their ZMA’s are a great addition to any male looking to boost their testosterone levels up by an immense amount. A combination of our CLAs and L-Carnitine will give you the boost you need in your fat-burning goals.
Make sure to pick up these essentials when getting your monthly stock.

More about company SSA Supplements UK

The company sponsors numerous athletes in all disciplines directly assisting these sportsmen and women in achieving top performance criteria. Our approach to product design is one of innovative quality, closely following the latest international market trends, and introducing original concepts.

SUPPLEMENTS SSA uses only the finest raw materials and ingredients available thereby ensuring peace of mind to the consumer that they are getting maximum nutritional performance per Rand invested. Supplements SSA is currently working closely with HFL Sport Science, one of the world’s premier independent drug surveillance laboratories, providing unrivalled and internationally trusted expertise in all aspects of doping control for sports.

Having started out with a conservative expansion strategy, SUPPLEMENTS SSA has experienced explosive growth and now boasts a national network of independent agents, major retailers including Game stores as well as international opportunities, namely the United Kingdom, Nigeria and India. You can check their social media Facebook and Instagram.#ssasupplements

Now you know who is SSA Supplements and their product series. Let’ s review their core products Hellfire, Ganic- F Pump and Methyl Cuts.

What is SSA Supplements Hellfire

SSA Supplements Hellfire is a hardcore pre-workout that contains Advantra-Z® to ensure that your energy levels and focus abilities are razor sharp for the most intense of workouts. Hellfire has been formulated with cutting edge pre-workout ingredients and has two main components to its recipe: A strength and performance-enhancing component that includes a powerful concentration on Beta-Alanine and Creatine. Not many products in the UK have Advantra Z and neurostim energy complex!

A NeuroStim Energy Complex with ingredients such as Caffeine Anhydrous and Advantra-Z® to ensure that your energy levels and focus abilities are razor sharp. This is what SSA is claiming but is it really like it?

Read more about Hellfire here.

SSA Supplements Hellfire


I have tried numerous pre-workouts, so I can tell when the pre-workout is good. Let’s be honest. Immediately when you open the tube you can smell it. We have electric blueberry flavour and it so nice to smell. It is like a very expensive perfume! I usually use higher dosage, as it is on the label. It says 2-4 scoops but I am going for 3 just in the case it is too strong. It mixes very well, I literally did not even need to shake it, it is that easy! I must say that it tastes as good as it smells. After 5 minutes my face went so itchy. It is because of the high dosage of Beta Alanine, but I prefer more pump effect than itchy blood flow. In the gym I appear to be extremely focused. I can really feel every rep and I am somehow motivated to do more which is good too. Next time I will go for 2 scoops as my back is itchy as well now. I was expecting to crash after like 1 hour of training but that did not happened. I was kind of focused  all day and felt pretty good. I did not have coffee that day as there was enough caffeine to take me through the day. Overall, I think it is a very good pre-workout but I do not like the high dosage of Beta Alanine. Some people love it and feel even more energetic. I am an experienced user of pre-workouts but this is too strong to take more than the recommended dosage, so do not do that. Start with 1 or two scoops and definitely do not take 3! Overall, it is my new favourite pre-workout and I cannot wait to try other flavours. 8/10 just because of Beta Alanine!

SSA Ganic- F Pump Review

SSA Supplements Ganic-F Pump has been one of the flagship products for SSA for years. Its outstanding benefits when it comes to training and performance have been noticed by users since its initial release and we’ve done everything now to even improve its formulation. This pump contains the substances that will get you extreme levels of strength and crazy pump, so you will feel like you are so big! There have been some studies about Glyco Pump which is the main ingredient of Ganic-F Pump which was proven to enhance aerobic and anaerobic performance.

Read more about Ganic-F Pump here



I was really interested to see how this product differs to other pump products as it is a bit more expensive. I have tried Current Crimson flavour that reminded me sweets from my childhood. Really really delicious. I could drink that all day every day! Unlike other Pump products Ganic- F Pump contains caffeine, so it also gives you that extra energy needed in the gym. It has Glyco Pump in it, so you really need to be hydrated in order to get the full effect. So, I drunk plenty of water, downed the pump supplement and went to the gym. I felt energised and stronger than ever. Vascularity was incredible and pump was incredible. I felt like I am twice as big than I actually am. I was trying to find disadvantages of the product but I could not find anything. I wanted to make this review as unbiased as possible, but I would pay for this pump product extra as it is really really good. I cannot wait to try more of their supplements 10/10!

SSA Supplements Ganic-F

SSA Supplements discount code

We are one of the few stockists of SSA Supplements, so we decided to give you a discount code to try them out, so you can see that we are not lying about them! Please contact us and we will generate a code for you. Cannot wait for your feedback!


SSA Supplements has a really strong position on the South African market and with their products, they can really make a difference in the UK. They have created a product for every single person. Their supplements are really high quality as they use local ingredients, which normally are imported for UK companies. Their first hand ingredients have the highest grade of quality and you should not underestimate this, especially when you decide to compete in bodybuilding. Nutrition First has over 20 years of experience, and we literally have gone through every product in the UK, but SSA Supplements are a bit different, the taste of the products is on point and you will love that. We think that you just need to try and see for yourself 🙂 

Hope you enjoyed this SSA Supplements Review article and please comment if you have any questions and also check other articles about SARMs.

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