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Stenabolic SR9009

It is important to talk about every SARM separately to understand how you might stack them and use them properly for your goal. Another very popular SARM or not SARM? is Stenabolic or SR9009. Read more to get to know the ultimate fat burner. 

Stenabolic is actually very good for every athlete that wants to enhance performance and get leaner.

What is Stenabolic SR9009?

Though having some form of association with SARMS, Stenabolic (SR9009) isn’t any different from Rev-Erba ligand. In simple terms, SR9009 is very active as a result of the binding of proteins. SR9009 offers users lots of benefits such as fat loss and increased endurance. Though being one of the latest innovations in pharmacology, its popularity has soared in recent times. SR9009, also known as Stenabolic, is a synthetic drug created to study the circadian rhythm. It was shown to boost endurance, reduce anxiety, and decrease cholesterol, weight, and inflammation in mice. These effects, if proven in humans, would replicate some of the beneficial effects exercise has on our bodies and thus, improve our health. However, although available as a supplement online, it has not been tested in humans and its side effects are still unknown. Stenabolic is usually sold as a SARM.

The phrase ‘exercise in a bottle’ may sound a bit over the top. While some users reported improved endurance, others stated that the benefits of using Stenabolic were limited or non-existent. With Stenabolic having few to no proven side effects, it is also deemed safe to use, if used correctly.

If you are training hard, you are probably aiming for increased endurance and lower body fat. The fact that there is an overwhelming number of options may seem confusing. We are bombarded with claims that these options can do both. However, there are so many options and not enough money to try them all.

You will be pleased to know that your choice can be narrowed down. The one thing you need to maximize endurance and fat loss is Stenabolic. SR9009 will help you regardless of your athletic enthusiasm. Read on, as we will try our best to explain how it came to be, its history, and its effects.

How SR9009 works

The phrase ‘exercise in a bottle’ may sound a bit over the top. However, a study revealed that SR9009 caused a steep reduction in animal obesity. As we mentioned earlier, it actually alters the core biological clock. This clock synchronizes the rhythm of the body’s activity all day and night. Basically, it can be compared to our phones and computers automatically adjusting to time zones and DST.

Now, Rev-erbα is a protein that controls glucose levels and lipid metabolism in our liver. It also stores fat cells and removes dead or dying cells during inflammation. The reason Stenabolic is called an agonist is that it enhances the activity of Rev-erbα.

It had the following effects when tried on animals and cells:

  • SR9009 caused an increase in overall oxygen consumption.
  • SR9009 caused a decrease in the production of new fat cells in the liver.
  • It lowered the production of bile acids and cholesterol in the liver.
  • It caused muscle mitochondria to rise in number.
  • It increased fatty acid and glucose use in muscles.
  • SR9009 decreased the storage of fat.

This study, Injecting mice with the drug for 7 days resulted in them losing fat mass, therefore losing weight. However, this did not affect their food intake. Mice that were genetically obese stopped gaining weight after 12 days without any change in their tolerance to insulin or the amount of glucose.

Similarly, mice treated with SR9009 between 7 and 10 days had their total cholesterol reduced. On the other hand, mice given SR9009 for 30 days showed increased endurance, as previously mentioned.

The inflammatory molecules found in the nerve cells of the rats also decreased in production because of SR9009. Also, it resulted in improved heart function while reducing heart size and weight in mice with surgically induced heart growth.

SR9009 also changed the sleeping schedule of mice. Oddly enough, they were more active during the day, having had a less deep sleep. This means that SR9009 may help you maintain your wakefulness. Now, this is some good news for people doing shift work or suffering from jet lag.

Finally, SR9009 decreased the anxiety-like behavior of said mice, showcasing the effects equal to those of Bromazepam or related benzodiazepines.

Benefits of SR-9009 (Stenabolic)

  1. Helps with weight loss

It has been stated that SR9009 helps to keep your resting metabolism high and this is an excellent product for weight loss. SR9009 helps to run glucose into an energy source, the muscle then uses this robust fuel to power you through your work out. If blood glucose levels are controlled, then blood insulin levels are also under control. Without stating the obvious, if insulin is utilised properly it is a highly anabolic hormone. It builds muscle mass by driving the amino acids from the bloodstream into the muscle tissue.

2. Boosts muscular endurance

Fatigue can be a limiting factor for many lifters. Stenabolic is the perfect solution to remedy this, as this potent formula blinds and activates the protein. If works on two levels, firstly it increases the number of the mitochondria (we have already established this). Secondly, it boosts the number of macrophages and these mops up all defective mitochondria within muscle cells. This fail-safe mechanism enables you to power through your workouts for a longer duration.

3. Boosts muscular strength

Stenabolic increases lifting endurance and this can lead to a boost in muscular strength. A top tip is to train right and lift heavy (1RM 85%+) with a lower rep range (2-5), reduced sets (1-3) and with increased rest intervals (1.5 minutes) in between sets. This strategy reduces your fatigue levels, improves your lifting endurance and drastically improves your strength levels.

4. Perfect for bodybuilding muscle

Stenabolic is a high-quality supplement that enables you to build muscle very effectively. Again, the increased number of mitochondria within muscle cells will allow you to blast through your training regime and to pack some serious muscle mass. When combined with its fat-burning potential, S9009 gives you a cleaner and leaner looking muscular physique.

5. Controls glucose levels

SR9009 improves mitochondrial function and exercise capacity controlling glucose levels goes further than improving the aesthetics of your body. SR9009 has been used in treatment of type 2 diabetes, because it reduces the amount of blood glucose and triglyceride levels (2). Controlling the amount of blood glucose does ease the burden on the pancreas to produce more insulin.

When the glucose stores are fully in the body, they spill out into the bloodstream, and this increases insulin production. Unfortunately, the surplus glucose is then converted and stored as unwanted body fat. Subsequently, SR9009 will have a role to play in reducing obesity levels and reducing and reversing or preventing type 2 diabetes. Stenabolic is used to counteract the impact of age-related muscle and strength loss. This has a double whammy, as muscle tissue is required to absorb the blood glucose and reduction in its capacity increases insulin levels. Therefore, there is a big connection between type 2 diabetes and the total amount of muscle mass that you have! This is why HIIT resistance training combined with cardio is recommended to individuals over the age of 35, as this is the age when muscle loss starts to kick.

6. Cutting

Stenabolic is often called an exercise in a bottle and its perfect supplement for the cutting phase. If you want to get shredded then SR9009 (Stenabolic) allows you to train longer, even if your body is calorie deficient state. This combined with the natural fat loss properties of Stenabolic, ensures that you can reduce body fat whilst maintaining muscle mass.

7. Bulking

SR9009 allows you to train harder for longer at high intensities. This, in turn, gives a quicker turn around and higher quality muscle mass.


Stenabolic or SR9009 is many times compared to Ostarine or even Cardarine that are different sarms. SR9009 was shown to help decrease body fat % amongst other benefits. SR9009 reviews on the internet are many times made up. While SR9009 really helps you to train for longer and increase the strength, it is nothing like a miracle supplement that will burn fat for you. If you are deciding between classic fat burners and SR9009, give this supplement a go. It is a bit stronger than normal fat burners. For better results, you can stack it with Ostarine for mass and with cardarine for more fat burning effects. Always make your research before purchase. Nutrition First is just collecting data from different sites for you, so you do not have to be researching all of it. Remember, it is all your responsibility to take supplements like this.

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