testosterone levels

Testosterone levels and your training at the gym

How are your testosterone levels affected by training?

Hormonal response to our training is influenced by many factors. Exercise can cause an immediate rise in your testosterone levels circulating in your blood. That depends on how much you use, activate your muscles, the intensity of your training, the time of rest in between sets, etc. This rise in testosterone appears mostly with a short interval high-intensity training like HIIT. It would be the opposite with long-distance, endurance training like marathons. Your testosterone rises after lifting heavy weights and doing hard training, but that’s only for a short period of time. It doesn’t really have any effect on growing muscle. That is why progressive overload is recommended.

testosterone levels

So how is it with long years of training, does it increase testosterone levels?

Those who have optimal testosterone levels and have been training for many years will no longer benefit from this. On the other hand, those who have lower testosterone levels and are only starting to train can benefit from exercising and rising of testosterone. It will rise until you reach a hormonal balance, which can be after a few months of consistent training.

Testosterone is a very important hormone, which is affected by many factors mentioned in this post as well as the first one – you can read it by clicking on this link.

If you haven’t got enough for a long period of time, that’s when it might have a bad effect on your progress in the gym. If you are already at the optimal levels, the amount of testosterone changing might have a beneficial effect, especially coming from lower levels to the mid-levels. People with lower levels are still more than capable to build a great physique with a good amount of muscle. So before you start looking for alternatives on how to get your testosterone higher, consider your nutrition and training first, then look for supplements.

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