TWP RAD140/LGD stack


  • the most anabolic stack
  • combination of 2 strongest sarms
  • lean muscle mass quickly

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What is TWP Rad140/LGD stack?

TWP RAD140/LGD stack is simply ANABOLIC super combo. This combination is not for everyone. We do recommend to use this stack if you are an experienced athlete. That is why PCT is super important. This stack will help you go through the plateau but more importantly build muscle mass very quickly.

You can really make a huge transformation with this stack in 4 weeks time. Make sure you take the picture before and after, so everybody can see the difference. We at Nutrition First always want to know your results and listen to your feedback. Let us know!

What is Rad140?

RAD140 is considered to be one of the best mass building SARMs out there. The great thing about SARMS is that they are very selective in its actions. RAD140 is the most anabolic one and tent to increase testosterone.

Read more about TWP RAD140 here.

Nutrition information

Nutrition Facts Per Cap
RAD-140 10mg

What is TWP LGD?

LGD or ligandrol is also a SARM that works differently than RAD but also helps to increase muscle mass in short period of time.

Lingandrol 6mg
Epicatechin 25mg
Armistane 25mg

Read more about TWP LGD here

Recommended use of TWP RAD140/LGD stack

Take 1-2 caps of Legend upon waking or 1-2 caps 3 hours prior to training. Take RAD140 3-3capsules upon waking or split the serving upon waking and before training.

Continue using for four weeks (8,12) before taking an eight-week break! Do not exceed the recommended dose or course length.

Additional information

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RAD 140


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